EduDoc+ offers curricula that focuses on the
Holocaust, and Genocides in:

More courses in the works!

Experience the Power of Compassion...

EduDoc+ is a visually stunning library of online courses centered on Holocaust/Genocide curricula,
that is now required in half of U.S. schools.

Challenges in Education

History is difficult to teach. Students get bored.


EduDoc+ courses feature full length documentary films, audio tutorials, discussion questions, quizzes, gamification, videos and closed captioning in six languages. We keep students engaged as they become Global Citizens. Inquiry arc course design enhances critical thinking, collaborative analysis, and reflective learning.

Instructors are pandemic weary.


Visually stunning, fully researched lessons, discussion questions, and quizzes. We unburden teachers without removing their autonomy.

How to increase student learning outcomes?


Storytelling is the most powerful pathway to human connection. Studies show, when students are fully engaged, the format of a story can have a profound impact on their ability to learn. It’s a connection of cause and effect stimulating the insular cortex of the brain linked to emotion, compassion and empathy. EduDoc+ is storytelling at its finest!

Course Accessibility


EduDoc+ courses are available 24/7, on any web based browser, any platform, any device. Desktops, laptops, tablets, even cell phones! Our courses are suitable for in-class, remote or hybrid learning.

Course Benefits

As students connect with history through reflective learning, they’ll increase
their understanding of humanity and their role in it.

Global Citizen

Learn about genocides not widely taught: Rwanda, Armenia, Cambodia, Tasmania, Bosnia, Sudan, Namibia and The Holocaust.


Certificate of Global Citizenship granted to each learner after completion of a course, which can enhance college entrance apps, or LinkedIn profiles.

New Courses

Atrocities are in progress in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. Uighurs in China and the Rohingya in Myanmar are fighting to stay alive. A course on Native American genocide is also in the works.

Modern Design

Courses are easy to navigate and intuitive. Our LMS integrates with most learning systems, and we update our courses regularly.

Trusted Content

You can trust our content. It’s the Gold Standard—PBS, BBC, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Bloomberg, Reuters, and more.

College Credit

AP students may be eligible for college credit for each course taken.

We believe healing our fractured world is possible, and it starts in the classroom.

Respecting History. Connecting Humanity.


“In an age in which young people are increasingly saturated with information, these courses speak to the importance of discernment and dialogue as a pathway toward deeper democracy and intercultural understanding.

Dr. Theodore Richards, Founder/Director, Wisdom Projects, Inc. and Author of Reimagining the Classroom, Creating New Learning Spaces and Connecting with the World”

“Powerful content that reminds us that losing sight of others’ humanity can have significant and potentially dangerous consequences. Students who take these courses will engage upon an educational experience that will remain with them, for the rest of their lives. “

Katherine Helm, Ph.D., Director of Graduate Programs in Counseling, Professor of Psychology, Lewis University

“The story of the Rwandan genocide and the country’s recovery, demonstrates the role of courage, strength, and community to overcoming tragedy and pressing forward to heal, survive, and grow. As an educator, I know that students will benefit from this progressive, engaging course.”

Angela Marshall, High School Mathematics Teacher, Gifted Endorsed, Atlanta Public Schools

“I am now more apt to be mindful of what events take place in other nations, to have courage in becoming involved towards solutions for global issues, not just an observer of them.”

Korey A. Smith, BA., BS. MUSC NIH-Prep Scholar, LSAMP Scholar

“A masterful job of researching and analyzing the colonization of Rwanda, and how it resulted in one of the greatest atrocities in history.”

Cynthia E. Partridge, Ph.D. Educational Studies University of Cincinnati

“We are teaching the social media generation, the power of they can change the world.” #humanitymatters

Pricing Plans

Renewable Annual Membership Subscription


Pricing is based on the number of schools in your district.


  • Public, Private, Charter Schools
  • Grades 7-12
  • Choose:
    Full library/ 8 courses
  • Or Half-library 4 courses

Add the courses to your library or use courses for specific classes.


  • Colleges/ Universities
  • Choose:
    Full library/8 courses
  • Or Half-library 4 courses

Add a new dimension to your book club, or use courses for staff & workshops.


  • Book Clubs
  • Community Groups
  • Organizations

Full Library Access Annually


What’s included

  • Individuals
  • Homeschoolers

*More courses added in 2023 + a New Library of courses called American History: Untold Stories

We Also Offer
EduDoc+ B2B Solutions

Compliance Training Courses

For A Powerfully Informed Workforce

Your company policies shape workplace culture. You have enough to handle, just managing the day to day stresses. Let us help you handle the professional growth of your employees with visually stunning easy to navigate courses, designed to help build sensitivity in problem solving, strengthen core values, and increase cultural awareness while keeping your employees fully engaged.

  • Cost effective and time saving, so there’s no loss in productivity
  • Learners earn a Certificate of Completion for every course which can boost professional profiles
  • Visually intriguing courses increase knowledge retention
  • Courses can be customized to bear your company branding!

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